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Frequently Asked Questions


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1.   CAN WE WALK TO THE BEACH?   Many places advertise that you can walk to the beach.  A friend who manages 40 rentals and has her own rental near beach says that all her guests drive somewhere else everyday.  Why?  You will want to explore many different beaches, each with different character.  (See our beach tour Beach Photo Tour.)  Kauai has more white sand beach than all the other islands combined.  Some beaches offer soulful walks, some good for swimming, (lagoon sheltered beach or lifeguard), some for surfing (winter),  snorkeling (summer),  infants ..... For rentals that claim "walk to beach", question is, "Is it a safe beach?  Is it crowded by houses? Is it even attractive? "    

The beach that is walking distance from our place, about 10 minute walk, is a river mouth that is not as epic as other choices.  We ourselves rarely use it, but it is very quiet, and our little dogs like it and can run there. 

It is 1/2 mile to world class beach, Lumahai, or Tunnels Beach, 2 miles, or 4 miles to Hanalei Bay, or 4 to Ke'e.  The list goes on.  Walking on road here isn't safe as there are no shoulders in some places. Bike riding in this area is also hazardous for same reason. There are intrepid joggers who make the traffic go around them, dangerous for everyone. Better to drive 5 minutes to long beach and walk or jog there. 

2.  HOW CLOSE ARE STORES AND RESTAURANTS?   Hanalei Town is 4 miles, or 10 minutes away, with about 10 restaurants, grocery store, ATM machine,  and gift-art shops.

3.   IS THIS ONE HOUSE OR SEVERAL? This is one long house with all rooms sharing view to south. Each space has a private entrance after coming up stairs (or elevator.)

4. WHAT WEATHER CAN WE EXPECT?     Is the weather predictable anywhere?!!   Do I trust the weather report??? (not!)  Hawaii is a land of rainbows. That means sun shining down on rain. That means passing clouds and showers mixed with blue skies and sun. You can expect the weather to change several times a day. You can expect gloomy mornings to change to brilliant baking sun block afternoons, and vice versa. We have had a dry winters and wet summers, which just shows how unpredictable it is. Honestly, in 21 years here, there have only been half dozen times where a period of 5 days was rained out, and each time it was state wide storms.   In general, anticipating some rain is wise, and having sunblock with you is very wise! You will be in shorts and t-shirts most of the time. Below is current weather within one hour of right... now!                              Click for Hanalei, Hawaii Forecast    

5.  VALUES/SPIRIT/LIMITS ?    We don't want to attract drunk energy or drugs or promiscuous energy (people who bring home strangers). We expect our guests to dress modestly in the carport area or on grounds.  (One young couple in carport explained their nudity this way  "We're from California!" Huh? Give me a break!) We are as "out of the box" as can be, but believe in discretion and wholesomeness. If you like to party, maybe a different place would be better for you. We would like to hope our place is supportive of traditional family bonds. We use words 'traditional' and 'family' and 'honeymoon'  in historic and biological sense. Please know that we have a young child here and we do have cultural standards, and we don't believe "anything goes." If you want to understand what "anything goes" means in the broader societal sense, there is a recent book all about it, which you can find here. If this offends you, sorry. We get offended by some things also.

6. HOW CLOSE ARE THE NEIGHBORS?  We have one neighbor behind bamboo, maybe 150 feet away. We almost never here them except if they mow lawn. Basically no neighbors. We hear crickets, bull frogs but rarely due to recent hunting, toads in season (the night woodpeckers), dogs sometimes, chickens (the Official County Bird), wind sometimes, rain sometimes, waves in winter, sometimes us playing instruments.

[Nature retreat disclaimer: You will either find this humorous or ghastly frightening.... We are warning people who have never encountered rural life that country living cannot exclude nature, bugs, animal sounds, bird sounds including wild roosters, and this may be overwhelming and uncomfortable for city people. You will not need a CD of jungle sounds to lull you to sleep here, is another way to say it. :) We do not use poison inside house, and if insects get in around screens or under doors, you may see them. The outdoor lights often have geckos at night. Spiders love making webs beneath eaves. Just saying, if this freaks you out, then you might want to stay at some sterile place that poisons both you and the environment.... No, don't do that! Learn to bend with nature and not be afraid of it! Ladies especially need to know if a rural neighborhood is your cup of tea. The place is well appointed, but not plush. If you found this humorous, then you will love it here!]

7. IS THE HOUSE NON-SMOKING?   Correct.  Message from webmaster.... smoking killed a friend of mine before he turned 45.  Quit now.

8. ARE THESE HOT TUBS?  The jacuzzi tubs are empty until you fill them with fresh water. They are rarely used because Hawaii is too warm to make them attractive.

9. AIR CONDITIONING?  We don't need AC on the North Shore. All the spaces have ceiling and portable fans, and many screens. This is comfortable. If you are from the Southern states and used to air conditioning,  or have stayed on desert sides of islands, maybe you will expect AC but you won't miss it once you are here.   And on winter mornings when there is a clear starry night, a sweater and socks are often needed, (unless you just flew in from winter in Wisconsin!).

10.  WHAT IS CANCELLATION POLICY?  When you book, you do this with an email confirming your intention, and the booking manager confirms with email. After that is when you pay your $50 cleaning deposit by credit card (or your paypal account) with "Buy Now" button near bottom of home page.  Then manager sends directions. Then you send a substantial deposit paid by check 60 days before your arrival, the amount to be determined. This is cashed and given back to you when you arrive. You will decide what the place was worth to you and give whatever cash to piggy bank. That is not our business, it is your private decision.

If you cancel after your substantial deposit, we will return it. We don't take donations for nothing, but we would like you to consider the $50 deposit as a donation for our time, but that is up to you.

If you arrive here and do not like the place, then that is our loss, and yours too, because it its hard to find nice place on North Shore. 

11.   WHAT DO YOU PROVIDE? ... Washer (with detergent included) and Dryer for laundry is located at top of stairs, beach towels,  cooler, charcoal barbecue, iron and ironing board, hair dryer,  dvd, cd player, cable tv, ethernet direct internet, (chronic wireless exposure, no matter how weak, is dangerous, see www.bioinitiative.org If you have a device without USB port, it won't get online because we do not have wireless modem in house. We have an ethernet adapter for you to use that goes from ethernet to USB port.) We also have beach equipment, which includes some snorkeling stuff, boogie boards, sun umbrella. All this gets used and abused, so donations cover this.

There is no daily maid service.  You clean your place while you are here and take trash to cans in carport when needed.  On that subject, it is shoes-off policy in house, and there is hose at bottom of stairs to wash off your feet.   If you have a favorite shampoo, bring it, but not in carry on luggage, as you know.  Hikers should bring shoes and shorts that WILL get stained by iron oxide in soil here.

 Damage deposit is a hassle,  so we request when you burn a pot,  or break something to tell the manager and give some money for it.   Otherwise, you don't have to strip beds or wash anything but your own dishes.   Please don't leave dirty dishes! 

12.   WILL WE NEED TO RENT A CAR?   Yes, unless you don't want to go far. And you should reserve car as soon as you get confirmation.

The public transportation here is very marginal however there is now a shuttle from our place to Hanalei and Princeville every 45 minutes. From Hanalei you can catch a bus south every hour. But you will probably want a car so you can explore all the beaches because neither of these services make stops other than town.

For car rental quotes, try Expedia.com to compare prices, then contact car agency directly to see what best deal is.


Though the "millimeter" scanner is supposed to be safe, that is what TSA said about the other scanners. Better to opt out and take the pat down because of radiation safety issues and also principle. If this is new to you, just do search for TSA airport scanner safety alert . Babies or young people who want to have children someday should avoid scanners. These effects are cumulative over time, so we need to reduce our exposure. The scanners are also completely unwarranted, for those who know what I'm talking about. Do search for "underwear bomber Kurt Haskell" if you think scanners are justified.

Several Airlines have a direct daily flight to Lihue Airport (LIH) on Kauai from San Francisco or LA.  This will save you the inter-island flight time (Honolulu to Kauai) which is about 3 hours (with all the waiting) minimum each way.  Shop online for inter-island tickets from Go!, Island Air and Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian is most frequent carrier.

It is no longer really feasable to count on getting standby flights.

* * *

Bring grubby clothes as the earth (okay, MUD!) here, repeat,  has iron oxide, staining clothes and shoes permanently.  Here are some great photos of famous Kalalau trail (link).  There is golfing and tennis in Princeville, riding stables, windsurfing lessons, live music, helicopter trips.  


 1. Do we have to leave?   

2.  How can we bring this feeling home with us?       

3.  When can we come back?    

Reality.....  If you liked this website

you will love our place!